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Root Canals

Root Canal Dentist in Mt Vernon WA

Severe tooth or jaw pain is the most noticeable symptom of a tooth needing root canal therapy. Most commonly, this pain occurs when a cavity is neglected and bacteria invade your tooth. In the past, infected or diseased teeth had to be extracted and replaced with costly tooth restorations. With modern dental advancements, many severely decayed teeth can be permanently preserved using root canal therapy. While maintaining the original tooth, Dr. Howard Mizuta or Dr. Eunice Kim, a root canal dentist in Mt Vernon WA, will clean out the infection, fill your root canal, and cap your tooth with a beautiful new dental crown.

How Painful Are Root Canals?

Gentle Dentistry™ in the Burlington WA area specializes in relieving dental pain and patient apprehensions. We work hard to maintain a peaceful, orderly atmosphere that sets us apart from the average hurried dental office. Rest assured that we will take as much time as you need to feel comfortable with the root canal process. Our focus is the patient, not the clock. Keep in mind that the end goal with root canals is to relieve your tooth pain and restore functionality and health to your infected tooth. Local anesthetic is often administered to ensure pain relief and comfort throughout the root canal procedure. Sedation dentistry provides an extra degree of ease and relaxation during root canals for patients who suffer from anxiety or fear.

What Causes the Need For Root Canals?

One or more root canals run through the center of each tooth. These root canals contain pulp that provides necessary nutrients and nerves to the tooth root. When a tooth has a deep crack, untreated cavity, or other tooth injury, bacteria can easily leak into the pulp and cause an infection. Without immediate treatment you will experience excruciating tooth pain and damage to the bone surrounding the tooth. You may also feel tooth sensitivity to temperature, abnormal tooth coloring, or blisters on the gums. Diseased teeth that are neglected usually need to be extracted. When caught in time, root canal therapy can preserve the tooth and restore it to full functioning capacity.

How Long Will A Root Canal Last?

A root canal can last up to a lifetime with the proper care. Regular flossing, brushing, and dental visits to our office in Mt Vernon WA, about a half-hour north of Everett, will ensure that the tissue surrounding the tooth stays healthy.

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