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Gum Grafting With Alloderm

Healthy Gum

Your healthy gum protects underlying bone that supports your teeth, defending against bacterial infection. It also provides coverage of your tooth root surface, preventing sensitivity and giving you a natural looking smile.

Gum Recession

When gums recede, your body loses its natural defense against bacterial infection to the underlying bone, and also against trauma to your teeth from normal daily activity. Gum recession can result from many causes, including aggressive tooth brushing, gum disease, genetic predisposition, and teeth position. Aside from risk of bacterial infection, the exposure of the root surface from gum recession increases your risk for:

  • sensitive teeth
  • further tooth abrasion
  • decay
  • loss of supporting bone
  • unsightly appearance

Gum Grafting With Alloderm

Dr. Eunice Kim can help you by offering Alloderm graft as an option to reduce the risk of your gum recession, including the unsightly appearance of the tooth root exposure.

Alloderm is a collagen matrix that is widely and safely used in medicine for burn victims and also in plastic surgeries. In dentistry, Alloderm is used to restore and repair receded gum tissue and cover exposed roots. Alloderm is produced from a donor tissue that is processed to create a regenerative collagen matrix.

Dr. Eunice Kim uses Alloderm in gum repair procedures to promote regeneration of your own gum tissue while being minimally invasive. Post-surgery discomfort is significantly lessened compared to the traditional gum grafting surgeries, because this technique does not require removing tissue from your palate.

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